The ability to conquer and master multi-channel marketing is VITAL for
businesses that are determined to be lead players in this economy.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Single channel marketing campaigns no longer offer an effective way to make an impact on today’s consumer. With the sheer volume of new media channels, the only way businesses hope to make a dent with each and every one of their campaigns is to connect-the-dots… simply meaning by orchestrating a campaign, which includes multiple touch points – ranging from SMS, e-mail, and social media messaging.

Social Media Integration

While developing and sending your campaigns, you may also post any or all campaigns to the Social Media sites you desire, such as Twitter & Facebook – AUTOMATICALLY.

Two-Way SMS Text Messaging

In today’s society, text messaging has become the most efficient method of communication.

Successful and innovative businesses understand that communication is an essential element in their success and are continuously striving to seek new ways to improve customer satisfaction while drawing in new business, elevating customer retention and repeat business. WarAds recognizes the power that text communication & text campaigns contribute to the success of any business.

Send and receive SMS text messages from any computer or phone! Our software allows you to send and receive SMS text messages from any web browser or phone giving you complete flexibility in managing all of your incoming and outgoing messages.

1) Send text messages to individuals or groups.
2) When customer replies to SMS message, messages are captured in your in-box and/or immediately forwarded to an e-mail or mobile phone of your choice.
3) Save a history of all customer messages and conversations.
4) Send out regular, automated, scheduled or recurring messages.

REMEMBER... 97% of ALL text messages are read, 86% are read within the first 4 minutes of receipt!


WarAds knows the importance of keeping your staff doing what they do best.That is why we have implemented the "hands off" tool in total communication with your customers.

By integrating your DMS with our proprietary software, this enables us to "pull" the data and criteria at the intervals implemented by you and send out the notifications you desire without your staff having to worry, and allowing them to "keep doing what they do best."

Do It Yourself

WarAds also knows you may want to be more “hands-on” and implement and control your own marketing campaigns.

We will construct a platform model with a secure login exclusively for your businesses needs and use. This will enable your management or staff to design and dictate your campaign and communication needs.

MMS Text Messaging

While SMS text messages are simple messages usually sent in 150 characters or less, MMS messaging allows you to use up to 500 characters, logos, pictures, coupons, videos and e-cards. MMS messaging often gets 2 to 3 times the response rate in comparison to SMS messaging due to creating a more interactive and emotional appeal through sound, images and animation while also creating a modern mobile experience with powerful visual branding possibilities.

Send MMS campaigns to predetermined groups based on demographics, interests, needs, locations, etc. The perfect way to communicate to the customers or prospects you want and getting your message read and heard in real time.

Tracking & Deliverability

Track & learn more about your campaign performances, whether it be text messaging or e-mail campaigns – through our advanced reporting you’ll find your answers all in one place! Track your e-mail open rate, your OSP (on-line sign up/via your website) rate, text delivery rates, etc.

E-Mail Campaigns

E-mail marketing is considered 1 of the 3 foundations of today's marketing, advertising and retention tools. By utilizing e-mail campaigns along with SMS, MMS, direct mail, voice and/or social media campaigns, you will unleash the power of today's most popular and effective marketing channels. Our e-mail applications provide such features as pre-designed templates which may accentuate your logo, company brand, invitations, newsletters, etc. While incorporating our mail-merge feature, add a personal touch by addressing each recipient personally, but creating and sending just one e-mail.

QR Codes

A two-dimensional QR code allows your customers to quickly receive your information and promotions. These codes are known to open the door to greater brand awareness and business success. Use them on your website, magazines, newspaper ads, grocery carts, flyers, Multi-Media Sites such as Facebook, anywhere they will be seen.

The industry’s hottest new trend can help:

  • Speed-up the process of growing your opt-in customer database
  • Rapidly distribute your mobile offers to immediately boost sales
  • Dramatically increase advertising response rates
  • Broaden your reach and retain more customers
  • Track your success by evaluating the number of scans and mobile sign-ups
  • Measure campaign performance by market segment

You can configure your QR Code to automatically connect with each scan:

  • Replace the chore of typing your mobile keyword with a fun picture-taking experience
  • Make opting-in to your mobile marketing database non-threatening and easier
  • Give customers on-demand delivery of your coupons and latest news

QR Code for
QR Code Sample

Voice Campaigns

Communication between businesses and customers or prospective customers has evolved. One highly successful way to communicate is combining the personal touch of a human voice with our advanced applications allowing you to communicate with virtually unlimited customers or prospects with one single voice message. Our voice campaigns allow you to pre-record a message and send it at predetermined time(s) and to predetermined recipient list(s).

Voice messaging has proven to be a vital component of top businesses successful marketing campaigns for many years. Voice campaigns are proven to drive traffic to your store, website or special events while also increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

IM Campaigns

Send an IM (instant message via e-mail) to individual recipients or a group. Choose to set up automated campaigns or recurring messages at any predetermined time. With our all-in-one marketing applications, you can also integrate e-mail and text messaging campaigns, which would provide multi-channel messaging.

IM + SMS + E-Mail = Smart Blast

Smart Blast campaigns allows you to send a single message thru multiple methods of communication, starting with an IM. For instance, if your predetermined recipient is not on-line to receive your IM, the message will go directly to their mobile phone and then to their e-mail. Our software will detect if a customer has read the IM and automatically stop the message from being delivered to the remaining methods or communications.

Loyalty/Reward Program

Our completely customized & personalized Loyalty & Reward Programs are designed to fit your and your customers every need. After a thorough evaluation of your company's specific goals & intentions, we develop the premier customized program that will boost your bottom line by at least 35% by targeting new buyers, repeat buyers, repeat business & creating loyal advocates. Our Loyalty & Reward Programs are 100% text based – making them simple to use and literally 100% read (once again, keeping your name in front of your customers).